October 31, 2008

WHAT is the world coming to?!!!

[The following is modified from http://www.abc.net.au/worldtoday/content/2008/s2405616.htm]

Apparently, the cruelty in the world keeps getting worse!
Yesterday at the Adelaide Zoo a BLIND 78 year old flamingo was ASSAULTED by four young men! The flamingo was rushed to the hospital and was kept overnight. He's in serious condition! The zoo has charged the four men and they face a $50,000 fine or four years in jail. I PERSONALLY think they should pay the fine and give it to the zoo. Then they should be exiled to the middle of the desert where they can't hurt any other living thing. All the words racing through my mind are not suitable for public blogs--but I'm sure most of you know what I am thinking.

This flamingo has been at the zoo since the 1930's and has become an icon. He's quite friendly (being in a zoo for so long and all) and he was happy at one time to wander around his lagoon and the footpaths! A long time friend of the beanten flamingo, another male Chilean flamingo, is now quite distressed and is roaming the lagoon without his long time friend. "Whilst they don't get on terribly well, they do sort of push each other around a little bit. Like two grumpy old men but they will certainly miss each other if they are apart for any length of time." It just makes you want to cry!


Isn't he gorgeous?! And they say he's one of the oldest flamingos at any zoo in the world!

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