October 12, 2008

dive bombing cockatoos make waiting for the bus WAY more fun

Daylight savings started last week for us Sydneyans, which means it's dark later now. Wahoo. The good news is I have more time to run everyday. PLUS now when I'm waiting for the bus home it's starting to be that high part of the afternoon. And apparently at this particular point in the day the birds are out to play. They fly around dive-bombing each other and just generally making a raucous. It's brilliant. I want one. But Beckie won't let me...Hm, sounds like another roommate I used to live with. :)

I started my french classes this past Saturday! It's at the University of Sydney--which means I get to go to the city every weekend! The class will run till mid-December, so hopefully I'll learn some things before Vincent arrives. We can only hope. In any case, it gives me an excuse every week to drop by Starbucks and feel all nostalgic about times gone by.

Weather is getting warmer, summer is getting nearer and work is coming along nicely. I'm waiting on ethics approval for my PhD research and we're getting started on the Medical Signbank project. Go Go Linguistics!

And on a final note: Congrats to Brian on his awesome run in the Portland Marathon a few weeks ago--all I can say is "supafast!" Also, hats off to Kyle who has arrived in France and will start his PhD work soon. And Happy Birthday Kylie who turns 21 this week! (Her party was lovely by the way!)


Sarah and Brian said...

next stop Boston ?

speshy said...

Sydneyians sounds better I think...or Sydsters... mmmm, in Melbourne- we call them Melbournians... it sounds good for them... ummm... Sydneysiders, I think thats the actual name...I'm not sure. :)

Linzi said...

ahhh, sydneysiders-- that's acceptable. they are all a bit of a tongue twister in any case, which is fun but hard to pronounce. and you? should we set aside a separate term for people from paramatta? ....think about it. hah! i know- paramartians! lol!