October 20, 2008

Happy (alleged) Birthday Sydney Opera House !

Opera House birthdays must mean good Mondays.

I woke up very early this morning to go swimming at Macquarie. (I've been trying to convince myself for over a month now). To my pleasant surprise the olympic sized pool turned out to be heated...and not crowded...and clean...and AWESOME. I couldn't believe it. What luck.

Afterwards, I went and picked up my shiny new health insurance card where I enjoy no-copays and am allowed to ride in an ambulance for free.
I cannot WAIT!

(I must comment here that these are two things that my life has lacked since my undergraduate days.... MORE THAN THREE YEARS AGO. What adversity I have endured! I have no idea how I managed.)

And this all happened before I really even started work-- hm. With such a good start to a Monday, I had no choice but to fill the rest of my time doing linguistics and watching the storm clouds and cold winds blow in, drinking coffee.

What did you do?

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Sarah and Brian said...

first of all, stop all your time traveling! i'm just waking up on my monday morning. i managed to roll (literally) out of bed without any assistance - honestly, and now i am on my couch about to watch my new favorite hbo series on sidereel.com (have you tried accessing it down under?). a heated swimming pool sounds divine! i wouldn't mind feeling weightless for a bit. i'm carrying some serious extra pounds these days :-)
then i go to the doctors. after that it's pretty much me on the couch with my feet up, again. for some crazy reason i don't seem to have as much energy these days (17 left by the way!!). i know i know, rough day. it doesn't beat yours though.