October 24, 2008

introducing: Cacatua sulphurea abbotti

I'd like to introduce one of the rarest bird species on the planet today. Everyone thought these little cuties were pretty much extinct. But recently, ten were found (including TWO teenagers) on Masakambing island in Indonesia!***

Yellow-crested Abbott's cockatoos are a subspecies of the Lesser Sulphur Crested cockatoos... I think. (The story is quite convoluted and apparently the world wide web is full of misinformation. The words 'yellow' and 'crested,' more or less, are being thrown around like there are no other adjectives in the English language.) In any case, the Abbott cockatoos, native to Indonesia, are not to be confused with the species that entertain me everyday. Those are the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos (Cacatua galerita). See what I mean?

I did find this for the Frenchies though: En milieu naturel : Le cacatoès d'Abott est une sous-espèce du petit cacatoès à huppe jaune que l'on peut reconnaitre à sa longue huppe et l'absence de marques jaunes sur le coté de la tête. Cette sous-espèce, comme un grand nombre de sous-espèces du petit cacatoès à huppe jaune est en très grave danger d'extinction du à la fois à la réduction de son habitat mais également au trafic incessant dont l'espèce fait l'objet. Il est endémique à l'Ile de Solombo Besar, en Indonésie.

There you are people-- let it be a lesson. Don't buy cockatoos! Let them live in the forest!


Kyle Duarte said...

Have you always been this hooked on birds?

Linzi said...

yeah, I think it's safe to say that. (you agree mom?) it's just the places i've lived in before now are de-birdified, so my interest had been unnaturally repressed. :)

Ms. K said...

Yes, I agree. I am so happy for you, that you are finally able to cultivate the passion you have always had.
Just don't put them in a cage!
Kyle - when she can hold the big birds, her face lights up like a little girl in a candy store! Right, Becki?!