October 29, 2008

this one's for you kyle!

My loopy day started with THIS--aren't they gorgeous?!
(This loopiness, I must add, is completely Brayde's fault).
Then, after JUST making the bus-- (thanks Vincent), I got to work and met Trevor about my NEW job that makes MONEY!
Lorikeets. Money. Hm.
THEN, me and George went for an afternoon glass of wine at the pub on campus. (Because she's leaving to go galavanting around Europe for a few weeks... you know, as you do.)
Lorikeets. Money. Wine.
Wednesdays may be my new favorite day of the week.


Ms. K said...

What an AWESOME way to start your day! I hope the rest of the day went just as spectacularly!

Kyle Duarte said...

Just call her the bird woman!