August 17, 2008

tips for learning Auslan and other musings

Lindsay's Guide to Learning Auslan*

1. Drink alcohol with Deaf Australians.
2. Look up your favorite signs with the Auslan SignBank
3. Then drink some more with more Deaf Australians.
4. Repeat 1, 2, and 3 as needed.

*There is very strong anecdotal evidence that my guide is the most effective for learning this particular signed language. Of course, more research is needed. Dissertation anyone?

Now, on to other musings...
1. I have decided to start a photo journal of all the crazy birds I keep seeing. For example, last friday (the one day I didn't bring a camera to school) I saw a cockatoo, an ibis, two kookaburras, and a bunch of galahs all at about an arm's length away!

2. Older Australians often like to strike up conversations with me in the supermarket or on the street--because, let's face it, I exude that kind of aura.

3. Twenty-first birthdays in Australia are better than in the United States**.
** Please note this claim is also based on my limited experience. But, they do like heart-felt speeches, and rent a bar with a tab, and invite long lost classmates and friends of the family and stuff.

At this particular twenty-first Bec made one of the speeches and I got to meet a lot of her awesome friends!

So, in these photos are some of the people who will be taking on the big BIG responsibility of teaching me Auslan. A round of applause please!
And also a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the birthday boy (who will for the moment remain unnamed) and thanks for the fabulous party! :)

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Ms. K said...

Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music! Great pics! It looks like a great 21st!