August 8, 2008

lessons learned

1. NEVER book a plane ticket with
2. While trying to secure an Australian temporary long-stay visa, side-trips to Africa and Europe are crazy fun but not advised.
3. Fitting 26 years of stuff into two suitcases is very difficult.
4. While traveling, it is convenient to bring either cash or credit cards to buy all of the stuff you no longer get for free
6. The international departures lounge in fiji has nice seats for sleeping, and the men wear skirts.
7. If you are poor, it takes 33 hours to get from Atlanta to Sydney.
8. Always have best friends pick you up at airports.


Sarah and Brian said...

yay!! you're there!! now, let us know when we can visit! mwah

Kyle Duarte said...

Don't act like you would have *not* gone to France. :) Glad to see you're already up to the what's up of Sydney. See you soon (but not before I see Vincent, mwahaha)

Cecily said...

wait what did you used to get for free? Tell me your secrets!