August 13, 2008

interesting finds in Macquarie

Everyday I hop on the 518 to Macquarie University. On the way, I pass my new favorite shop, The Meat Boutique. Well, actually, I have never been in this store and as of yet I'm still a vegetarian, but come on-- The Meat Boutique. Very cool. Then once I arrive, a world of coffee kiosks, a real library, and ::gasp:: helpful people greets me. Then there's the gym which I just joined. It has two pools, a variety of fitness classes, some squash courts, a basketball court, tennis courts, weight/ cardio room, etc, etc. What is even more lovely is that on my way to the gym from MY OFFICE, I walk by a lake and usually several kinds of exotic birds are eating the grass.

So far so good. Now, on the other side of the street is an absolutely ginormous mall. It spirals up like three floors in a ridiculously confusing way (I actually tried to get out of it for like twenty minutes the other day). This mall has one of the most sophisticated food courts I have ever been to, a Borders, and RebelSport--my actual new favorite store, full of all the latest sporting goods. How do these people ever expect me to do linguistics with all these brilliant distractions? Oh-- wait, I'll tell you. They GAVE ME AN OFFICE...and a computer...and a filing cabinet. My very own filing cabinet. Can it get better than this?! I can't wait to file things in it. I can even lock it when I'm away, just in case I have top secret documents to hide from the rest of the world. And believe you me, I will make sure to get ahold of such documents. Why else would I need a lock on my filing cabinet. Then every afternoon when the sun starts to set, I make my way home. I get back on the 518 and go back past the Meat Boutique. I usually get off one stop short to make a trip to the local BWS to buy a cleanskin or two. Then me and Bec cook some food, drink some wine, and watch the Olympics. Very very cool.


Cecily said...

send me an email with your address and the address of your office so I can spy on you with Google Earth

Sarah and Brian said...

it all sound divine!! and the meat boutique! thats just rad! MORE pictures please!!

Ms. K said...

It sure sounds like it was meant to be!

Kyle Duarte said...

I hope I get an office with a lockable filing cabinet. You're just too lucky out there in Oz.

BTW, I had to do a little research on Cleanskins, but this is what I came up with.

Hope all is well. We'll see you in a couple of months.


Linzi said...

haha, very good kyle, very good indeed. they aren't bad and since a six pack of beer runs like twenty bucks here, we gotta take what we can get. :) remember, I'm on a tight budget. cant wait to hear more about your adventures--UPDATE YOUR BLOG

Cecily said...

My dad and I didn't know what "cleanskin" meant either. He guessed "face soap" and I guessed "computer screen wiper". Wikipedia told us "CIA agent" but we doubted them and delved until we got to the alcoholic content. Then we knew we were on the right track.

Way to be obfuscating and opaque in your lexical decision making Lindsay!