August 1, 2008


Make this one about hiking Linzi says to Nina... so, I will give it a try... about the oh so damn scary spiders we met, our quest against them, our walk-on-the-road-trip, Linzi trying to speak Dutch, our Vodka-talk-evening, u know, the regular stuff people experience.

En dan maar hopen dat jullie je een beetje kunnen inleven in de gevaren en de avonturen van de afgelopen week. Werkelijk! Wat een feest.

So, where were we? Right, I think the day after our off-day. During our off-day we practically only ate food, slept, watched movies. Not much to say about that right. Anyway, we decided we needed some exercise the day after. Let's go hiking at Mistletoe Park! And let's do so in the morning. Seemed to be a great idea... but the spiders kinda thought the same thing... but the subject of their thoughts were not focused on hiking, but on moving in permanently on our hiking trail.

We choose the 1 3/4 mile trail... doable right? That's what we thought too, just before we ran into the first just-moved-in-spider. Honestly, every yard there was a ginourmous spider-villa-web across the trail, and I am not exaggerating! We could not move one yard without ruining a web. It feels disgusting, sticky on your face. And if it was just that, fine, but noooohooooo, the spiders were home! See!
We were so scared... So we decided to walk down the trail with our just discovered magic stick which, when we waved it around as much as we could, was supposed to get rid of all the spider cities. It did work, but nonetheless it took us like 10 minutes to do 1% of the trail, so we decided to move our athletic hiking to a better place. As disappointed as we were, we did decide to leave the forest trail alone, and we took of hiking down the road. Linzi got herself roadkilled, but Nina did not mind joining her.

We felt totally reborn after the hiking adventure.

After that, we naturally needed to regain our strength. We did so sitting down at the doc with our delicious vodka-lemonade. Talking about life, Nina trying to overcome some word-finding problems, and Linzi reliving her IRB-wtf-thing (Cecily, awsome commentary!) and trying to speak Dutch, we felt really proud of our perseverance that day.

Btw, if u wanna see more pix:
Linzi and Nina say: oogjes dicht en snaveltjes toe, welterusten!

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