August 29, 2008

democracy rocks!

Chomsky, N. (2007). Interventions. San Francisco: City Lights.

This book is a collection of essays written by Noam Chomsky and distributed by the New York Times Syndicate but that have never been published in any major US newspaper. Hm, as the introduction explains "that our mainstream media system seems unwilling to tolerate a range of political thought wide enough to include Chomsky but is willing to market them outside the intellectual and geographic borders is ironic and revealing" (p.vvi).

A Linzi summary (Julie would be better at this) for you:
Basically it's a bunch of short essays (1000 words or so) that talk about how the US valiantly traverses the globe spreading "democracy." Of course, the rhetoric here actually stands for our complete contempt for civil liberties and our impressively atrocious record regarding human rights. A must have for every coffee-table!


Julie Hochgesang said...

i'm so proud of your summary!

Linzi said...

they can never be as good as yours though!!! :) classes go well this week?