July 19, 2008

recent developments...

I am pleased to advise that you have successfully been assessed against OFFSHORE Postgraduate Research Sctr (Web) (TU 574) and your electronic application for a Student (Temporary)(Class TU) visa has been approved.

for some reason, i am a magnet for annoying situations. Or maybe they are annoying to me because I hate it when other people waste my time and money. Whatever. You may be asking yourself why being approved for a student visa is annoying to me. Let me recap for you my recent journey through the world of government bureaucracy and immigration--if for any reason as I need to let off steam before I go postal and ransack my mother's house. my poor mother.

May 5th- Lindsay receives an offer from Macquarie University to go study Auslan.
May 5th- Cecily and I fly to Rwanda.
May 23rd- Lindsay buys a one-way ticket to Australia.
June 2nd- Lindsay sends official acceptance of Macquarie offer.
June 3rd- Lindsay receives her Confirmation of Enrollment.
June 4th- Lindsay flies to France.
June 17th- Lindsay applies for a student visa online (WHO KNEW?!).
June 18th- Lindsay flies back to the States.
June 27th- Lindsay gets a chest x-ray and medical exam.
June 28thish- Crazy doctor man goes on vacation.
July 3rd- Mom picks up Lindsay and drives to Georgia.
July 10th- Crazy doctor man sends medical documents to embassy in Washington, DC.
July 16th- Lindsay frantically tries to locate documents and am told these things "take time."
July 17th- Lindsay cancels one-way paper ticket (for July 23)to Australia and sends it back to California.
July 18th- Lindsay is approved for her student visa (expiring in Sept 2012)
July 18th- Lindsay asks for new price quote for a ticket 3 weeks later.

There you have it. The timing for this whole journey seems to be about a day or two off. Sigh. Whatever, I'm still one step closer to leaving this place...or at least, I can only hope that is the case. Stay tuned. In the meantime, I am going to buy some new jeans.

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Hudson Michael said...

CONGRATS on getting the visa! Sorry about the long crazy annoying process. But at least, now you can go and go about your life :) We gotta go running or biking again before you leave though...and we have to coffee...of course!