July 11, 2008

how does a person in this day in age start a blog anyway?

The past few weeks have seen me slowly come to grips with the fact that I might start a blog. Trust me, it has not been easy. I mean honestly, it was only like a month and a half or so ago that I even fully understood what the dreaded things were. Cecily, being the great and smart and beautiful friend that she is, had introduced me to her blog before, but it was only when we went off gallivanting in Rwanda did I begin to see two of its most notable merits.

For one, it keeps emails at bay.
I mean, a full inbox everyday inquiring about the deaf orphans we were studying or the crocodiles we were slaying is no good. I know I would have just let them sit there-- and that's not an ego-booster for anyone. And in any case, time spent writing emails is a waste of beer.

For two, it helps bridge the time-distance vortex
I mean, we were in a far-a-way place and time differences were annoying.
And it's true that I'll be moving soon to a place most of you describe as "really, really far away." And while I more or less do not agree with you, maybe a blog would help ease your separation anxiety. If not, at least I'll feel less guilty about it.

And there you are.

Let's face it my friends, the world is big. Even if we convince ourselves most of the time it's of manageable size, the truth remains: There are too many people to meet and flowers to smell for any one person's lifetime.
But that can't stop us from getting out to find the real.
hehe, you like how I tied that in? I guess this impending move around the globe is one way to find the real, or at least the real to me. Can you blame me?

Alright, I have certainly rambled way more than I should have. I don't want to scare you off first go around. I promise, the next post will be more pictures and less words. Ooh, or even better, it might be in French! Vincent, you got anything to add? :)

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