July 24, 2008

the delightfuly wretched world of e-commerce

Let's just get to it. I am frustrated and tired. All I really want to do is flail my arms about in rage and pout. You know, like a two year old. Unfortunately, it's not so flattering for a twenty-six year old to throw a temper tantrum, no matter how absolutely justified it is. So be it. I will deal with this the adult way and drink a lot of beer.

I, apparently, still do not have airplane tickets. Although, I'm not really sure -- it's hard to know. I talked to the ridiculous people who run this horrible website for a total of about 2 hours today. (You know, because I have absolutely NOTHING else to do). And yet, after my THIRD phone call they still have not confirmed that they booked my new tickets (“Just to let you know, it takes a long time to exchange paper tickets ma'am”) That's fine-- but each time they don't send me new tickets, it gives them a few minutes to charge me more money... which has happened THREE times already. It's a vicious circle. I ask for a price quote on a new ticket for a certain day. They email me two days later with the quote. I call to confirm. They confirm my confirmation of the old quote. But that is two days old, so then they send me a new email with a new quote with a different price. And it starts ALL OVER AGAIN.

Actually, now that I think about it. Jager might be more appropriate.

On top of this, they charged my credit card wrong the first time and the third lady I talked to yelled at me because I didn't know why the first lady did that. Then when I asked if she could tell me where they would send the tickets, she condescendingly replied “to your billing address in Washington, DC.” Sigh. This was after I checked twice (with the first two phone calls) that my shipping address would be to my father's house in Georgia, because, you know-- I don't live in DC anymore.

I can only foresee that this will end well.

It's the little things in life like this that put people on anti-depressants—or gin.

But, just for you, I will end this blog on a positive note—however daring that may be. I have a special friend coming to visit me tomorrow who is flying quite a long way to say hi. (I will give you a hint, she's the shadow on the right.)

Check back to find out who it is!! We might even get around to making a vlog. So the next few days we will be very very busy. After all, there is a beaver to swim with, a friend to teach how to ski, and a lot of beer to drink (maybe all at the same time). Don't call me, I won't answer. Emails are acceptable.

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