July 28, 2008

For starters, tackling jet lagged dutch people in the Atlanta Airport is not the best idea. I thought it was at the time, but Nina told me it wasn't. Eh. Live and learn. OH RIGHT! Nina came to visit me!!! YAY! She's going to stay this week and we are going to hang out in Georgia, because it is the only cool place to be. So far, we have been very busy swimming in the lake and eating fancy food and going to movies. Later today we are sea dooing (jet skiing for all you other folk) to the Savannah River. BOOYAH.

Also, to help Nina practice for her upcoming drivers license lessons, we decided to practice around the neighborhood.

Lily kept patrol and I held on for dear life.

So, I think it's safe to say that when Nina gets back to The Netherlands, she will be oh-so-ready to take on the mean streets of Nijmegen. WORD.

More later, IF I feel like it.


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Sarah and Brian said...

yay for friends visiting and for lindsay sounding chipper! xo