September 21, 2008

wine-colo(u)red daisies make sundays oh-so-delicioso

So pretty much, by 2100 sixty percent of the world's species will be extinct if we keep doing what we are doing. This is quite troublesome for me, and it should be for you as well. (If it's not and you just think it's all a big cliche, then you, I'm afraid, have been taken by the crazies. I am sorry for you for that.) ANYHOO, I thought I should start documenting all the pretty flowers I see on my run, because then I can show my adopted children later and talk about the better days when we had more than one plant or animal in the neighborhood. Plus, I have some torn, broke, or pulled something-or-other(s) in my hip/ leg and this way I can stop and walk every now and again while trying not to cry.

Just gorgeous.

So not to bore you too much with details you probably care little about--I'll briefly summarize some fun times in the last week. Friday was a Deaf Studies Symposium that turned out to be a really nice event. There was a very mature discussion of some very interesting issues, and I got to meet more of the Australian and New Zealand Deaf community. PLUS:

After the symposium, George, two of her friends from New Zealand, and I went to Kat's house to pre-party before Deaf club. After a bit, we headed on our way--to what ended up being a fun filled night in Burwood. I even think I learned more Auslan! Saturday, me and Kat went to her friend's house for a Nepalese birthday lunch. Then later we headed to the city for another birthday party--which ended up as a bust. So we just walked around Darling Harbour and had a beer at a HUGE casino.

After, we just caught a train to Paramatta and called it an early night. So a very nice weekend indeed. At the moment I'm watching Van Wilder (::sigh::) and recharging for another full work week.

Signing off.

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Ms. K said...

Well, except for the hip comment and the bust party, it sounds like a wonderful weekend. As for your comments on the state of the world and its demise at the hands of our greed, we must act. Our school is challenging ourselves to do things to improve our minds, bodies and spirits, and i think your idea of documenting earth's beauty is a great start. An appreciation for the natural world is definitely lacking in the human psyche.