September 4, 2008

music, instant coffee, and Canberra!

Almost every day this week on my way to work the bus has been playing the radio! Isn't that lovely?! Of course it's not nearly as good as what George got to see:
...oh well, the music is still good.

This week, me and George have been very busy with our ethics applications. (Well, it must be said that my project will probably have much more luck at the ethics committee than George's, so everyone keep your fingers crossed for her.) As this is quite tedious work, (you know the checking of boxes and promising not to do anything secret or mean), we have been drinking our fair share of NesCafe to keep our spirits up. This country LOVES instant coffee, which I will not immediately hold against them but I'm not quite sure how I feel about this. Anyhoo.

Bec is out of town this week, so I've been partying it up at the homestead watching West Wing (I must really miss DC). It's going okay. However, tomorrow I am going to go to Canberra (Australia's capitol) with Kat, my premier Auslan teacher and new friend! I really just think she felt bad for me that I was all by my lonesome, but I'm really happy for the invite anyway! We will be going to a trivia night fundraiser :: aka ROAD TRIP ::. WAHOO. You will hear more about this next week.

Okay, more West Wing. Chow.


NM said...

You're drinking Nescafé? For goodness sake go onto Moccona or something a bit more upmarket!

Great to meet you at the Trivia night! How did we end up? (Tony had to go home). Hopefully not at the bottom....

Linzi said...

lol, good idea-- maybe i will try that. after you left, our standing slid very quickly but it was all fun anyway!