September 27, 2008

i wanna live in a castle

OR at least I think Barack and John should have a duel.
For those of you who had the pleasure of living in Carlin-- I think the Lake of Doom would be an appropriate, yes, perfect. But what kind of weapons? I think maybe they should have to sing karaoke to the Beach Boys and then proceed to Riverdance across the pond. If that does not decide a winner, light sabers should prove sufficient--or hey, even regular sabers would be okay. Who's with me?!

Or better yet, they should play the New Zealand game of Stonewall. oooh-- yeah, that's even better. This crazy game is full of strategy and reminds me eerily of the elementary (primary) school game of Dot. The predictive powers of presidential success should not be ignored.

...onward DEMORCR/...oh wait, I think my french fries are ready

peace out.


Sarah and Brian said...

were you able to watch the debates over on your side of the world? we went to my mom's to watch but i got so tired that we ended up listed to it mostly on npr on the drive home.
nov 4... you going to be able to vote? you better find a way!

oh, and i vote for the light saber fight - hopefully the good side knows how to use the force and the dark side... well... what's this game of stonewall all about?

Sarah and Brian said...

*listening (not listed) - goes to show how tired i am on a regular basis these days, can't even type and make sense ;-)

Sarah and Brian said...

omg, okay seriously *listened - i seriously am WAY too tired. lol

Linzi said...

LOL- no worries darlin'. And yes, the debate was broadcast live here, I watched about an hour before I had to leave. and yes i'm already in the process of requesting an absentee ballot-- never fear. :)

Katrina said...

Why bother though? It's just one tiny vote? :P

Linzi said...

yeah i know--but if i dont i feel like i dont have the right to complain about the state of affairs the US has made for itself. :) and anyway my brother is voting republican so im mostly doing it to cancel out his vote. :) gotta love being a twin.