September 10, 2008

It's my birthday and I'll do what I want to!

Against several objections from those of you who still have to live in the United States about the technicalities of time travel,
it's my birthday.
Bec and I discussed and decided that I get to celebrate it from the time it starts in Australia to the time it ends in the States. Therefore, unlike ALL of you, I get a 38 hour birthday. Read it and WEEP. AND, because of all of this, today I get to do what I want. So, I woke up and said hi to the mom-o and quickly proceeded to write an email making fun of my twin brother for it NOT being HIS birthday. HA HA HA. (That hasn't happened since 1999 when I was living in Japan!). Then I made my way to the university to watch a lovely presentation entitled "What do they think of me? The perceptions of interpreters held by medical and legal practitioners" by Dr. Hale of the University of West Sydney. Oh! And Agnes and George gave me a flowery plant for the office! Keep your fingers crossed so that it can live.

Then on the way home, the bus driver decided to go the wrong way. So, we pulled a U-y in the middle of a residential area. Hm. This has happened twice so far here-- you think they'd practice first or something. Because of this, I've decided to learn the way myself so I can be of assistance next time...right on Tallwood, left on North just past Lavender Grove...past the Meat Boutique up Quarry Road (the one with too many refuge islands--whatever those are)...left at Victoria Road near the ibis trees...Then after another driver replaced him (end of shift?) the new driver couldn't get the bus in gear and we kept sliding backwards. HAH.

Luckily, I made it home, because I had a mission. I was treating myself to a LONG RUN!! Wahoo, the weather was absolutely perfect and sunny. It had to be done.
I ran mostly on a pedestrium (sp?) that they just opened for me--it goes for quite some miles along the water. I'm very happy about this.

In about an hour I'm going to eat delicious Thai food with Bec and her parents...because I want to. :) Hip Hip Hooray for Birthdays!

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