June 24, 2013

i moved to norway the other day.

The day has come and gone. I've finally moved to Trondheim. I stopped for a few days in Oslo to visit my dear friend and her little girl. We walked in the forest, drank beer, drank wine, and took ferry rides to the city. We listened to classical music in the park. All-in-all a good time.

Then I made my way north to the middle of Norway...in a plane. It's been a bit non-stop since then. Although, not a stressful non-stop. Just a "oh wow, today-passed-by-quickly kind of non-stop. And it's incredibly light out for three in the morning." Hm.

So far, there has been lots of shrimp.

And views... (this one is from the "backyard" of my college campus)...

And actually, a lot of singing and musical instruments. And sun, and rain, and well... wine!

Come visit me! Later though, because I don't have my own place until August. And it'd be awkward to share my room in a house already shared by a number of people.

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