December 9, 2008

too cool for school

drinking Strongbow has been shown to be a significant factor in predicting pre-morbid intellectual much as testosterone in older males correlates to higher cognitive functioning (hahahahahahaha).

Isn't my division of Linguistics and Psychology at Macquarie cool?

I missed my calling as a psychologist. I really did

I could have produced field revolutionizing work on the navigating strategies of some obscure Australian foraging ant. Or, how traumatic brain injury hurts really bad.

That's it linguistics- I am done with you. It was a good fling, I had fun. But it's over.





Hah. Just kidding, people. C'mon, I know you know me better than that.

This year's Research Festival (featuring the over two hundred post-graduate students in our division) ended successfully. The vegetarian food was delicious. I got a t-shirt. Oh, and me and George rocked our presentations describing what research we WILL be doing. I've never used "potential," "possibly," and "maybe" so often in one presentation.

To celebrate we enjoyed a refreshing beverage at the student pub and lamented the demise of the Ibis. Also, we discussed how I must go see the fifty thousand bats that hang out at the Botanical Gardens in the city. (hahahahahahaha-- get it? hang out?!)

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