January 3, 2014

oh. hei. lenge siden siste.

Wow. Is it really 2014? Hm. I'm not sure when that happened (well, actually, I do know when that happened. I was present for it amidst a town's fervent attempt to all become rocket scientists at once).

The past few month or so has sledded by (hehe), I must say. We had snow; it was pretty and slippery and bright all at the same time. Then it melted. Now it is dark and cold, but surprisingly cozy most of the time. The Norwegians know how to face the winter with grace and good cheer, also juleøl helps.

I went to Copenhagen (that's in Demark), met a bunch of signed language linguists from all over Scandinavia, drank "cheap" beer, wandered around the fantastical world of Tivoli, accidentally stumbled into Christiana, ate vegetarian food, did some work, learned some more Norwegian Sign Language (and some Norwegian for that matter), and then went home.

A few days later, we went to Oslo. More specifically, Nesodden. No snow there either, but Jeanine was there! And we all had a lovely (alcohol joy-filled) Christmas. Vincent got to try all sorts of awful Norwegian delicacies, and there was aquavit for all. Good times.

Most recently was a New Year's Eve party filled with good food, good drink, and good company.

Now the New Year begins.

Godt nytt år!

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