August 10, 2013

beware of drunk mailboxes.

I'm starting to get emails in Norwegian, mostly from my work.

The problem, though, is that Lindsay doesn't really speak Norwegian. I mean, don't get me wrong, I know like five sentences. But that doesn't really cut it for the day-to-day email necessities.

So, I've been turning to Google Translate for most of my email-reading needs.

This is part of a translation of an email I got yesterday:

As recently as today, some of you received a message that the mailbox is allegedly drunk, with a link to validate your e-mail account.
My first question is: how can mailboxes even afford to get drunk? The cheapest six-pack I can find is still like $25.

Sheesh. Share the love mailbox.

Although, to be fair, I guess my mailbox (if they're talking about mine) is only allegedly drunk. Not certainly drunk. Maybe I should not rush to judgement.

Also--I haven't quite figured out why my allegedly drunk mailbox would like me to validate my email account. If it's so drunk, I doubt it's very concerned about me getting my email. But, perhaps Norwegian mailboxes are just that damn hard-working and caring.

Oh for the love of drunk Norwegian mailboxes. Why can't we all be like you?


Cecily said...

I think my mailbox has been secretly boozing it up too. So unreliable.

Torill said...

I finally get to read you blog - thank you!
And here comes your explanation. In Norwegian the word for "full" is actually full. And if someone is drunk they are also full. Apparantly Google translate have one alternative for full in Norw = drunk :)..

You gotta save these examples - they`re excellent for our students.

Torill :)