October 16, 2011

melbourne is delicious with running and beer

Last week I ran a half-marathon. In Melbourne.

* The photo is blurry, because we were all running really fast.

This is pleasing to me for several reasons. First, I love Melbourne. Second, I've been training for this race for-&*$#^!-ever (That's 1.4 years in people time). And third, I ran it under 2 hours!

As an additional perk, I got to stay for the week after to hang out with my dear friend Gab, who left me last year for greener pastures (or at least Victorian ones). We had a blast.

We also did a lot of linguistic-y things. We are very dedicated PhD students.

Also, I have a very fast submission date approaching--which cannot be moved, because Vincent and I must go to New Zealand in January for vacation. Priorities people.

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