August 16, 2011

"one in eighty-five thousand"

Yup, that was us last Sunday. Vincent and I, Agnes, Isa and Erik, Ruth, and Andrew and Anica fended off the masses to find our places in the 2011 City2Surf. We felt soooooo special and unique.

As the first official race since my surgery, my goal was simple: don't die and run pain-free. Vincent had a more ambitious time-oriented-goal, that I could not even hope to keep up with. Where's the love, right?!

The 14km (8.7 mile) route started in Hyde Park and made its way through the bays of Sydney ending with a 2km descent into the northern end of Bondi Beach. A bit hilly for my taste...well, rather, for my knees. But the 84,999 other people helped make everything exciting, so I told my knees to hold it together.

We all ran well. Vincent ran very well-- 1:01:01! I did alright too with 1:25:06--I'm happy because that's a sub-2 hour half-marathon pace, which is what I'll be aiming for in a month and a half! (Plus I didn't die and nothing hurt!)

The lovely morning was followed by pizza and beer in the afternoon. Sigh, can it get any better than that?

Next up: the Melbourne Half-Marathon on October 9th! Let me know if you're keen to join!


PK said...

I am so happy for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and well done!!