July 29, 2011

rain rain go away

It rains a lot here. And I'm not talking the occasional drizzle or afternoon shower. I'm talking about buckets and buckets of water pouring from the heavens for DAYS.

Even though today has brought a rare afternoon of sunshine, the luck is not to last.

brought to you by the Sydney Morning Herald

NB: Yesterday, the same calendar had at least two more days of sun.

NBB: 'Low chance of rain' and 'high chance of rain' mean the same thing in Australian English.

NBBB: Come to think of it, so do 'chance of rain' and 'complete and utter sunshine', so really--maybe we're in for a month of winter paradise.

Time will tell. . . time will also beckon my Methods chapter toward completion. A week and a half baby!


PK said...

So, is it easier or harder to work when it is raining? Do your little friends visit in the rain or do they stay away?

Linzi said...

they LOVE the rain :)