July 5, 2010

::insert witty title here::

Summary: Lindsay got a hip arthroscopy and now she's a sleepy monster who eats everything in sight. She also can't wait to go running. But mostly, she thinks about nothing and has spent her last days lalala-ing about.

It should all be a bit embarrassing, but to be honest she doesn't care enough to be embarrassed. And although she tries to kind of feel bad about that--her preference for inattention cannot be dissuaded. She blames the fairly weak pain pills and her stellar intolerance for anything narcotic.

She will get on with writing blogs later. Until then, she has some brownies to bake and some tv to not really watch.


Sarah, Brian and Olive said...

3rd person writing is always fun when stuck indoors, eating everything in sight and dreaming of running! nice new fancy background for the ol' blog! perrty! brian and i are ready to move back to dc after our week there!!! no hopes of you and vincent coming back is there? i miss you lots! see you in september!!

Sarah, Brian and Olive said...

Thursday 9 September – Oxford Art Factory – Sydney.

Presented by Drum Media, FBi, Portable.tv, Dr Denim and Somedays.
Tickets from www.moshtix.com.au, 1300 Get Tix (438 849), on your mobile via www.moshtix.mobi and all Moshtix outlets.

You guys HAVE TO see this band! Two Swedish sisters. Saw them in Boston. They are AMAZING!


Linzi said...

Ha! I've been to the Oxford Art Factory I think to see a few other up and coming bands! I'll check it out! Thanks for the tip!!

:] said...

Hahaha. Two snaps for making me laugh. Thanks! :)