June 19, 2010

what i've been up to: alleged money laundering and watching my husband kick some crazy butt in tennis

As many of you know my long awaited hip arthroscopy is in two weeks. I can barely contain myself with joy. Except when the shooting pain in my leg reminds me of why I'm getting surgery in the first place, then there is little joy. But no matter-- in two weeks time I'll be on the road to my next marathon!

In the meantime, I've been busy trying to get ahead on all my work. Also, we're in the midst of organizing several trips: France/ the States in September and October and then New Zealand and Tasmania in December! During all this funness I was paypal-ed a certain amount of money and subsequently was sent an email from the great Paypal themselves. I quote,
We are contacting you because changes to Australian anti-money laundering laws require PayPal to confirm the account information of its customers whose accounts reach a specific transaction level.
I won't go into details because they are too dumb, but I will say it was all an incredible waste of a Friday morning that I will never get back. Thank you Australia, again, for your impeccable rationale and sense of security. Really.

But don't worry my friends--the day got better! That afternoon Vincent and I headed to Sydney Olympic Park for a tennis tournament. I read about semantic structure of nouns while Vincent crushed his first opponent. Then after a short sojourn to the pub, we headed back for a second match. I made friends with some Japanese chic and we made the pieces for a kusudama ball. And Vincent won a three set match against a crazy person. Seriously. Crazy. He'd scream angry compliments at Vincent and throw his racket very very far when he missed a shot. Interesting way to play.

So, now it's Saturday and Vincent is headed back to Olympic Park. I won't be joining because it's Emily's birthday tonight, but let's hope the weather holds and Vincent plays some good tennis!


PK said...

So, You still got it, Vincent!!! Wat to go!!!

PK said...

I really mean... way to go! sorry