February 4, 2010

well hello internet, how nice to see you!

We have The Internet! And because we live in the middle of the biggest city in Australia, it only took 24 days. A marvel of modern human achievement. Really.

But I digress.

Since our Christmas festivities, visiting parents/in-laws, and a trip to the land of the Queen, we've moved to our new apartment in the city! Surry Hills to be exact. The move took 17 hours of lifting very heavy things. Well, not everything was heavy--but I was sure in a sore spot the next day (I can't speak for Vincent). But now we have all our major appliances in working order and THE INTERNET. Life is good people.

We'll miss Gladesville for the good flat-company, the cockatoos, and the pretty run along the Parramatta river. But the city is good for trains, and markets, and general car-less living. Vincent is five minutes walk from his work now and only 15 minutes from tennis. Before work we have time to go out to breakfast at the "real" French bakery. I think he's happy with this. I'm five minutes walk to the train, 15 minutes from Starbucks (no judging please), and 15 minutes from Centennial Park! I'm certainly happy about this. :)

See you around... ONLINE!


Kyle Duarte said...

I think it took less time for me to get connected in France. Come on, Australia, you can do better!

Glad to hear you're reconnected to the world.

PK said...

Good to see you online again!
We missed you!