February 22, 2010

i've always wanted to know how to do that!

While looking for a suitable image to use in a figure I was making of a real space blend I came across this website... that actually explains how to open a door using a key.

How to use key to open a door?

You're having a problem to open a locked door. But you're sure that you have the key to access into the place.


First, make sure that you have the key/access into that restricted place.

key (1).jpg

And of course, the door that's blocking your way. Instead of bashing or running through it, we'll use the civilized way.

key (2).jpg

By having the key on your hand, slip in the key onto the door knob's keyhole.

key (3).jpg

Just make sure that it's inside fully.

key (4).jpgkey (5).jpgkey (6).jpg

And it's optional that you can make a 90 degrees twist counterclockwise or clockwise to open the door. If you still can't seem to turn the knob and open the door, make sure and recheck if it's the correct key, else you'll break it.

key (7).jpg

Mission complete, you're in!

OMG- Thank you so much Internet! I've been waiting outside my apartment for days now trying to figure out how to get in. It's so simple! How could I have missed it?!

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Sarah, Brian and Olive said...

LOL! What did we do before internet!?! Now I won't need to climb through my window to get in the house! Thanks Lindsay for the post. You just made my day-to-day life so much easier! ;-)