January 1, 2009

2009 here, still 2008 there

If most of you are still living in 2008, I am in 2009. 2009 started with nice fireworks on the Sydney Harbor bridge, a clear sky and a hot 23°C. I hope this year brings us some good things.

Karen, Lindsay, Kyle and I decided to spend our last day of 2008 at Katoomba to see the blue mountains. Even though the two hours ride to get there was rather long, we had a wonderful day hiking in the famous blue mountains. Ok, the mountains are not blue, but this is a big hiking place where many trails exist to allow people hike all over them. One well know rock is called the three sisters. The three sisters are big rocks located next to each other.

We will spend our first day of 2009 at Bondi beach, one of the most famous beach in Australia.

Happy new year 2009, I wish you the best !


Sarah and Brian said...

Happy New Year! Still have 2 hours to go here...big snow storm too. I'm sure you'll spend Jan 1 at the beach getting tan, while we'll be here bundled up. ;-)

speshy said...

Wow...a post by Vincent that I don't have to translate with my poor French skills :P