April 2, 2013


Lately it seems the only fun stuff I have to talk about is food. I mean I did just spend a few weeks in good-ol-Georgia (where I visited family and bought lots of stuff ...and ate heaps of Mexican food) and then went to Nijmegen to see my super-clever friend defend her super-awesome PhD (Go Nina!). But back at home in Massy, my life always takes a turn for the not-so-interesting. Except for food.

I've been trying out heaps of new recipes, because, well, I have time. And then, last night I decided to try to make some spinach ravioli from scratch. Now, mind you, I've tried to make ravioli before. Let's just say, it didn't end well. And everyone involved was a bit traumatised from the experience. But, while I was in Georgia, I got a fancy ravioli stamper thingy-ma-bob (thanks mom!) that looked like it could be the solution to all my problems, well, the ravioli-related ones at least. And I must say, it worked like a charm!

Yummy spinach+b├ęchamel sauce filling!

All wrapped up in a nicely cut-out pasta!

Served with a cherry tomato sauce, that was just a little bit spicy, and some more b├ęchamel sauce. 

They were--if I may say so myself--delicieux! I think Vincent liked them too, because he ate them all in about five minutes. I had to stop him when he wanted to move on the linguini I had made from the leftover pasta dough. Yay ravioli!

Now, it's back to it.  I have many not-so-fun immigration-related tasks that need my attention, along with a few linguistic-y papers (which are way more fun than the immigration stuff).

I also still have a few weeks before I know whether or not I'll be moving to Norway.  Fingers crossed people; I need all the good mojo I can get!

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PK said...

Congratulations on your ginormous pasta success!
My fingers are crossed and I am anxiously awaiting your Nordic decision.