January 24, 2013

weather madness

The other day Vincent and I (and lots of other people!) were in Sydney, Australia. And an interesting climactic event happened. It was the hottest day on record, ever (in the city at least). Temperatures hit 46 degrees Celsius (about 115 degrees Fahrenheit). Luckily, we were on vacation so we could go enjoy the heat in style...by drinking heaps of beer while catching up with friends. (Don't worry--there is so much water in Australian beer, there was no way for us to become dehydrated.)

Vincent noticed that in Massy that day it was like -5 degrees Celsius (23 degrees Fahrenheit) and was getting dumped on by snow.

That's a 51 degree difference (or 91 degrees in Fahrenheit--which, let's be honest, sounds much more impressive).

Let's just say I was happy we were in Sydney.

Now, however, we're not--and Massy is cold and dark and ... cold. But that's nothing, because next week I'm going to Trondheim, Norway where it'll probably even colder...and even darker!

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