December 25, 2012

christmas does not have to be a massacre

...of animals that is.

I can't remember what it's like in America, but here in France they are all about "let's-eat-as-many-animals-as-we-can-in-one-meal." It's heart wrenching. I mean, really, what has that cute little duck EVER done to you?

Anyway. I'm going to dinner with the in-laws, and I decided to bring my own main. I'm sick of picking at bread and trying to explain why I'd prefer not to consume murdered flesh. (Do I sound like a cliché? I didn't used to be like that, you know. But, the world and everyone in it has changed me. Thank you for that?)

I wanted something that looked lovely and was filling. I found this recipe for Roasted Acorn Squash Stuffed with Wild Rice Salad by Beard and Bonnet from one of my new favourite blogs: Oh My Veggies!

Hello. I'm a delicious acorn squash with wild rice and other goodies. Eat me.

It turned out exactly how I dreamed it would--and I cannot wait to eat it. But I will. For 4 more hours.

Stay cool my friends. Also, try to eat less meat for the holidays. Think about all the room you'll save for dessert!

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