May 2, 2012

fête du travail

Today is the French Labour Day! A public holiday to celebrate when, back in the olden days, American factory workers won 8-hour work days. This is interesting to me, because these days French people never work more than eight hours in a day. And if they do, they save up their hours for days off later. So really, the French celebrate Labour Day everyday!

No matter, the point is that today I got to make a bunch-o-homemade-spaghetti:

...and Vincent bought me a new plant!

The spaghetti was for lunch, my in-laws came over. My new plant is a lily of the valley. Everyone gets them today--it's kind of like the tradition. I'm super excited, because it seems that this plant can live through anything. This is good because when I'm back in the States next month, Vincent will be "taking care" of my plants while I'm away.

 *And yes, I did notice that my wedding band ended up in the spaghetti. Don't worry though, we didn't eat it. It fell off in the leftovers as I was putting them away in the fridge. Yeah! Lindsay didn't lose her wedding ring!


Linzi said...

Sorry Kyle, your comment got caught in the crossfire as I was trying to delete the spam comments. apparently blogger isn't soooo awesome on an ipad. :)

PK said...

My Grandmother had these flowers all around the foundation of her home. Very fragrant!