March 12, 2012

blink. america. blink. france.

I live in France now.

But last month, Vincent and I were visiting family and friends in the States (with a short sojourn in the Bahamas).

I'm happy to report Georgia is right where I left it. And there are more cows and pick-up trucks than ever. And breakfast--oh, how I did miss a good southern breakfast. Oh, and the cheap beer! And the cheap everything else!

The time went quickly though and now we are in the tedious process of moving to a foreign country. While I'd like to fill you in on the details, they are boring and uninspiring. I am excited though about taking some French classes and trying my hand at LSF.

I'll get back to you after a while.

Adios...::ahem:: or should I say à bientôt!

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