March 23, 2011


George and I just got back from a "conference" in Auckland. No really, we did. We both presented about our PhD research and learned lots of new interesting and linguistic-y things. I also learned about coffee. And fish and chips. And West Auckland. What an informative three days.

We stayed with George's super-awesome-friend/OF tour guide, Sarah. HI SARAH! This is her (middle)...with George (left)..and me (right)**.

We were chillin' after the conference at a Festival Garden which is short for "Beer Festival Beer Garden." I know right. Divine.

The best part of the weekend was our tour of West Auckland to a few very VERY famous spots:

I'll paypal any of my American readers FIVE WHOLE DOLLARS if they can tell me why these places are significant.

It was a great weekend--one that I'm sure I'll have to repeat at some point with Vincent. Next year. I have to write a dissertation first.

* that's in New Zealand by the way.
**Notice that range on Lindsay's hip--3 more weeks to 10 kms!

March 13, 2011

the beautiful positive.

So many horrible and tragic things happening these days. Here is my attempt to find the beautiful positive*. It's the smallest leaf I've ever seen; and it's growing on my balcony!

*trademark Pascalle West.

March 3, 2011

a recent conversation.

Me: You have to make dinner tonight.
Vincent: Where do you want to go?

(To his credit though, he actually went and made dinner.)

March 1, 2011

help out bru!

Christchurch, NZ just had a horrendous earthquake. They need your money--ahem, your help.