May 23, 2011

spelunking is underrated.

Since I was a little girl and my family visited some caves in Colorado, I always had a part of me believe that I was destined to be a famous and legendary spelunker. Many years have passed--but yesterday Vincent and I headed up (with Agnes, Jae and Steve) to visit a very, VERY large cave system in New South Wales--Jenolan Caves.

And it is here that Steve, Vincent and I had our very first adventure caving experience. It was...AWESOME. In only a few hours, we abseiled into a sink hole and managed to squeeze, slide, crawl and pull our way through ::dramatic music:: "The Plughole." The name is fitting--several times, our eccentric but enthusiastic guides convinced us to go blindly feet or head first into very very small dark holes...promising that we'd be fine and that it was mostly un-probable that we'd get stuck or fall into a crevice. But they assured us even if we did they had a landline in "The Chapel", and so they could always call someone for help if needed.

See what I mean?

Luckily, we didn't get stuck...or fall into a crevice. And apart from some bruises--we all arrived home able to enjoy :ahem:: a couple jugs of White Rabbit.

So maybe my legendary spelunking career is just beginning--I guess the next test will be an all-day trip into the belly of Mammoth Cave... where explorers still haven't found the bottom. ::even more dramatic music::


PK said...

I guess i didn't know they had caves in Oz!
Was this Vincent's Bday trip?

Linzi said...

Nope-- we went lawn bowling for his Bday, stay tuned for 'that' adventure! Hehe.