July 29, 2010

meet piwi the kiwi

piwi is in rehab like me. except that he's already walking on a treadmill...
what a showoff!

See him strut his stuff!

July 28, 2010

when I grow up...

I wanna be a leafy sea dragon

I'd float around all day and look like a plant. It'd be glorious.

* Picture: Caelum Mero / One of the top photos for the New Scientist Eureka Prize: see them all

July 26, 2010

lindsay is still on crutches.

crutches make life boring. you know what else makes life boring? hip arthroscopies. they're even worse than crutches.

feel free to come over and make me less bored.

July 5, 2010

::insert witty title here::

Summary: Lindsay got a hip arthroscopy and now she's a sleepy monster who eats everything in sight. She also can't wait to go running. But mostly, she thinks about nothing and has spent her last days lalala-ing about.

It should all be a bit embarrassing, but to be honest she doesn't care enough to be embarrassed. And although she tries to kind of feel bad about that--her preference for inattention cannot be dissuaded. She blames the fairly weak pain pills and her stellar intolerance for anything narcotic.

She will get on with writing blogs later. Until then, she has some brownies to bake and some tv to not really watch.