December 14, 2010

Seals and kiwi and wine, oh my!*

George, Agnes, Emily, Vincent, and I went to New Zealand this past weekend**. It was super and beautiful and delicious all at the same time.

We saw animals!

We experienced stunning beauty!

We drank beer made from hops and just the right amount of heaven, all carefully packaged in very cheap six packs! (And the wine wasn't half bad neither!)

Vincent and I even went swimming at Kaiteriteri.

Mixed in with all that goodness was a fantastic road trip where we got to hang out with great friends and meet lovely new people (and eat ice cream!)

The full trip is detailed here... if you think you can handle it.

* Other possible titles include: Penguins and tuatara and beer, oh my! or Sheep and beer and takehe, oh my! or Cows and kea and hokey-pokey, oh my!

** Technically, George and I went for three and a half days; Agnes, two and a half days; and the hard-core Emily and Vincent, two days.

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PK said...

oh my! it sounds fabulous!!!