May 26, 2010

my acetabelum is trying to murder me

Indirectly of course...which is the sneakiest type of murder
let's not kid ourselves
To make matters worse, the rest of my hip joint has been recruited for this dirty dirty plan. While I'm unsure the cause of this ill-will, I am certain that the result will be death precipitated by a hate spiral, or several.

Or maybe I'll just hurt to death. I mean, it's possible. It's also possible I'm being dramatic. But since I'm rarely dramatic, I can't help but expect the worst.

In everyday language, my hip socket sucks at its job. Specifically, the labrum, or the tissue that lines the socket and kindofsortof forms a suction that holds the head of the femur to my body, is a sissy. Stupid sissy labral tissue. It couldn't handle something-- gymnastics, water skiing, running, who flippin' knows--and now it's torn under the pressure.
Like I said, a sissy.
A deadly deadly sissy.

I'm tired.

And I want to GO RUNNING!

Instead, I have a bottle of wine and I'm stuck with some episode of Glee.

AGH! That's it. Please someone check on me tomorrow... wine and Glee can be murderous--murder without motive = un*trace*able.
As I already said: my acetabelum is trying to murder me.


Kyle Duarte said...

Did one rarely dramatic Lindsay have half the bottle before writing this post? :D

Enjoy Glee!

PK said...

What id wrong with "Glee"? I tis full of drama that could take the focus off your drama. Maybe you liked after the other half of the bottle of wine!?

PK said...

Maybe you will have to break down and take pain pills...