March 24, 2010

gettin' the sugar

What do you call a pretty boy, a handsome boy; but a who does not have a job and is the boyfriend of a woman who is wealthy.
This question was posed to me today by a student working on a translation assignment (only god knows for which language or which class). The student thought you might call this person a 'gigolo,' but I suggested that might mean something else.
My first guess is that it's a sugar momma's lover. But does English have a specific lexical item to designate that person? We have sugar daddy and sugar momma...but what do you call the people getting the sugar?!

HELP! I cannot possibly concentrate on my PhD when this pressing question is taking up all my brain space. I thank you in advance for your thoughts on this matter.


Kyle Duarte said...

Perhaps a "gold digger" (cf.

Or we could be more creative and call him a "sugar lover" a "sweet tooth". Or not.

Cecily said...

Hm. Urban Dictionary has "sugar baby" (a younger woman enjoying the time and attention of a wealthy older man) and "sugar boy" (a younger man enjoying the time and attention of a wealthy older man). Googling, the preferred media term seems to be "boy toy".

Someone should probably do some Official Linguistics Research on this important topic.

PK said...

I call them a leach!