May 25, 2009

alligators schmalligators

I went "golfing" this morning with my dad, brother, and stepbrother. This entailed me driving a fancy golf cart while taking photographs of alligators and sedges of egrets. Viva South Carolina!

I also ran along the marsh, which was just LOVELY. My knee only hurt half the way! GO KNEE!

Tomorrow, I'm going to Augusta--my eternal nemesis. Bring it!

May 21, 2009

....breathe out

I am in Georgia. And in light of the events of the past few weeks, I decided this morning to take the day to exhale. I slept in (til' seven), went running (in my NEW shoes and NEW shirt), submitted my thesis proposal, digitized wedding movies, watched the Daily Show AND the Colbert Report, drafted a survey, and as you can see now--wrote a blog. It feels very good. I hope to finish this day of exhaling by drinking some fairly awful southern beer (just so I can miss the great beer I had last weekend) and chillaxin' with my bro(ther).

Highlights from the past weeks include:

2. I surveyed LA with Karen!

3. I went to Brayde and Matt's wedding! WAHOOOOOOOO!

4. I saw Cecily and Adam!

5. I visited the Seattle aquarium and saw a puffin and a crazy octopus! WAOOOOOOOOOO!

...Double Whew.

May 4, 2009

who knew?!

This interpreter in Melbourne: I was trying to figure out where you are from.

Lindsay: Yeah...

This interpreter in Melbourne: Then I heard you say 'Eh,' and I knew you were Canadian!

Lindsay: Hahaha, I'm actually American.

This interpreter in Melbourne: No way! I totally thought you were from Canada.


I blame this COMPLETELY on George.

ATTN: cupcakes and furby's do NOT mix

This is serious business. I'm flying back from Melbourne last night--and because I rarely fly on airplanes I decide to read over and memorize the safety information card. One can never be too careful (especially with Qantas' luck recently). And this is what I read:
Prohibited at all times onboard the aircraft. Devices which emit electromagnetic signals such as cellular telephones, transceivers, FM/AM radios, pocket pagers, radio controlled devices, printers, television receivers, audio equipment with wireless controls, and Furby toys.
And on top of that--they had illustrations to go along with this important request--a picture of a little Furby with a big red circle and a strike through it. I mean, wow, what could a whole species of mechanical talking make-believe animals do to an airline to irk them so bad. And, is it really necessary for them to emit electromagnetic signals? Does W.A.T.C.H know about this?!
Thank you Qantas for protecting us from the evils of those malicious emitters--where would the world be without you?