July 16, 2013

braids, the new anti-aging technique

Does anyone else find it strange that the only time I get carded for alcohol is when my hair is french braided*? I do.

I mean, I really believe it's statistically significant.

Now, I don't feel especially young when I wear my hair this way. In fact, it's just kind of my go-to-do when it's raining.


But I'd be interested to see if this is true for others. Let me know.

* Single or double braids

July 2, 2013


I've been in Trondheim now for a week and a half or so. Everything is going really well. Surprising, given my history of ridiculous-encounters-with-humanity. Let's knock on wood people. I need this.

I'm staying in a lovely share-house at the moment in a great locale. A beautiful trail along the Nidelva is only five minutes away! And so is a grocery store (!!!!). In just ten minutes I can be in the center of town, meeting up with people and/or enjoying a nice coffee. I'm also about a three minute walk from my bus to work (a trip that only takes 10 minutes!). Not too shabby.

I have to say I'm enjoying the smaller-city-life. Less people. More nature.

Oh! And I learned that nothing in the fjords can kill me! Kayaking here I come!