June 15, 2012

oh. hello.

Has it really been five weeks? Hm.

The events of the last month have been...time consuming and very, very stressful (at least to me, which is all that matters, right?). To summarize: While I should have been learning how to be French by baking little butter cakes and drinking du bon café (and let's be honest, du vin et de la bière aussi), I instead returned to my homeland and pretended to be happy about it. "Pretended" is a strong word. I more tolerated it, because it was the only place I was legally allowed to be. Globalization and international citizenry my ass. Ahem.

And while another visit with the parents and grandparents has been swell, the time has come. I recently received the all clear to move to France. For real this time. Like really. I leave in 5 days 3 hours.

Let's try this all again.