April 23, 2012

dreams of cheese and running.

We live in France now! Well, at least Vincent does. I'm just visiting. Our apartment (ahem, I mean the one Vincent lives in) is just lovely! You can even see the Eiffel Tower from the balcony.
Dreamy right?! I'm taking French classes and doing linguistics most days. And cooking. I cook a lot now. Oh! And running. I kind of run now. I'm pretty slow and ridiculously out of shape, but it's a huge improvement from the last 6 months when I could barely get out of bed and needed a cane to get around. It must be the French air. Or the cheese. Hm.

April 12, 2012

be vegetarian...even if it's only once or twice a week

I became a vegetarian on a dare when I was 18. My mother said I couldn't last 3 weeks without meat, and I said I was going to prove her wrong. It's been 12 years now.
I think I won the dare.

While I started out my meat-free livelihood on a whim, over the years the reasons for vegetarianism have been stacking up. And now, it seems, I may never go back to the world of steak, hamburgers, and chicken nuggets (although, these taste pretty convincing, ask vincent) that you all seem to enjoy so much.

While I could go on about the morality and ethics of eating dead (or living) animal flesh, I know most of you just don't care.

However, eating meat is not only a moral issue. It is an environmental one.

Studies are showing that the livestock sector is responsible for more than its fair share of C02, methane, and ammonia emissions while also accelerating deforestation and polluting our waterways. (see here, here for examples).

You all care about the environment right? Right?
So how about you go find a few new recipes to try out this week--VeggieNumNum and My Darling Lemon Thyme are good places to start. Eating vegetarian, even if only once or twice a week, can greatly reduce your environmental footprint. More than if you bought a hybrid! (Not to mention it's also cheaper and healthier than a meat-full diet.)

It's time to start addressing the real issues affecting the planet. Not just the ones with solutions encouraging us to buy more fancy stuff.

April 4, 2012

oh! there you are.

It's been a while internet. I missed you. sort of really.

moving to a new country and trying to set up a residence without the internet these days is ridiculous. and lonely. among other things.

but it's cool-- i got some nice plants to keep me company.

although, i'll be heading back to the states at some point, because i'm not actually allowed to live here...yet. FWA but surely the saga will continue.