September 21, 2011

Amen Brotha'

Quote of the day:

But more than anything, Obama is a product of the US political machine - from Harvard to Chicago to the White House. And you don't go through that meat grinder and come out at the other end with many principles left intact.

--Mark Levine, Al Jazeera op-ed piece about the future US veto of the Palestinian state-hood bid

September 19, 2011

so that's what it's called

In Australia, people don't use a final serial comma in their writing. Honestly, I find the practice to be an eye sore. But I thought it was just me. I thought I had internalized the 'wrong' rule and that no one had ever bothered to 'put me straight'. But then today I was informed that there are just two ways of writing lists--one with a final comma and one without! Whew.

I just grew up using the Oxford comma!

For those of you who were as confused as me, please see this enlightening visual aid.

Thank you Language Log.