November 6, 2010

a running linzi is the happiest linzi.

i've been very busy lately. i went to france to see friends and family... and castles... and catacombs... and mummified cats! then, i had to go to america to be clever...and other things. then when i got home i found out that facebook finally decided to let me into my account after more than a bloody year and a half (a big thanks goes out to cecily on this one). don't worry-- i've already deactivated it; my way of sticking it to the big bad facebook. eh.

anyhoo--other than that, i've been too busy being a phd student and running. well, running mostly*. my physical therapist just gave me the all-clear (with conditions). i can't believe i hadn't run in eight months. i'm surprised i didn't die waiting--the situation was pretty dire. ask vincent, he'll tell you. in any case, i can't run long enough yet to get to centennial park (doh!), but here's a picture of where i want to be in a month or so.

stay tuned for more. more about running indubitably! but also vincent and i are off to new zealand in about a month. think: fur seals and little blue penguins. coffee and bbq's. a very cold ocean and hot springs...and of course, kiwis!

* Except if Trevor is reading this. In which case "being a phd student" has totally been topping my to-do list.