April 13, 2010

retrievers in tutus make me happy

...but not as happy as ginormous basset-wiener dogs jumping over styrofoam.

The Surry Hills dog showcase, as part of the Surry Hills Festival, should not be missed. Bright and early Saturday morning all the neighborhood pooches got together and strutted their stuff. It was awesome. There was a little-sized dog race, a medium-sized dog race, and a large-sized dog race (where the greyhounds obstinately showed they were retired).

Then they had an obstacle race where the dogs had to jump over "hurdles". The crowd favourites, a golden retriever and a super large basset hound, stole the show as they simply didn't understand why their owners would want them to step over some styrofoam. The retriever finally exhausted from trying to figure it all out just laid down on the course lapping up all the applause.

I want a dog now. Vincent's mean though and won't let me have one.

April 3, 2010


This Easter long weekend Darling Harbour is hosting a Hoopla Festival. What is that you ask?Well it's just what it sounds like: 4 days * 100s of death-defying stunts * thousands of laughs

OOoooooohhhhhh! AHHHhhhhhhhh!
There is a big top and a tiny top. Contortionists and jugglers and magicians dazzle you with their oddly-developed skills. And most said that for fifty bucks, they'd go home with you to continue the fun. Hm.

Vincent and I agree that the Controlled Falling Experiment is the best. Three guys go through a series of "experiments" of acrobatics, gymnastics, and of course...falling with all sorts of contraptions and props. It is an elegant and spectacular show. Go see it.

Controlled Falling Experiment

Aerialist Nat Harris

Bendy Em the Contortionist