September 23, 2009

morning orange!

I woke up to million mile per hour winds and an orange Sydney this morning.

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September 16, 2009

well, i'll be

Meet my Gerbera, who decided to grace me with her presence a YEAR after I got her; My croton--and his Dr. Seuss leaves; and me and Vincent's Pot Belly Fig-- who's just too cool for school.

kangaroos love them some low-fly fuel dumps

I went to Queensland last weekend with George.

We saw kangaroos hopping around.

We saw a spectacular fireworks show.

And we saw a fighter jet do a low-fly over the city...where it dumped its fuel and set it on fire.

As you do.

Oh yeah--we also did a medical interpreting workshop*, held focus groups with the deaf community**, collected data for our PhDs**, and provided an information session about the Medical Signbank**.

* I know, you can laugh--I certainly did
** Note that these activities were conducted in Auslan (small applause for Lindsay please)