July 23, 2009

i want one!!!

sigh. aren't they just so lovely?

July 16, 2009

Chuppa Chups = Good Decisions.

While our internet was busy acting like a rebellious annoying pre-teen, I was very busy learning things from famous linguists and controversial bio-ethicists! Some of the highly enlightening facts from this week include:
Salvador Dali designed the Chuppa Chups logo.
Vegetarians who drive Suburbans use less energy and have a smaller emmissions footprint than meat-eaters who drive a Prius.


I think however, the most excellent idea from the past few days has been from Peter Singer who argues that the lifestyles of people living in rich countries (especially the US and Australia) are acts of aggression towards humanity and that they should be brought to justice.

Double ahem.

Therefore, the next time you are craving a steak, enjoy a Chuppa Chup instead. You can then congratulate yourself, because you have just helped curb humanity's effort towards extinction!